Cultivating Democracy




A full stack (MERN) app that helps users learn how to debate effectively

Make civic education accessible, measurable, and impactful with DemGames--a lightweight, “edutainment” platform that hosts simple games to provide basic instruction at scale to youth on democracy concepts. It provides users a fun way to interact with traditional content and program implementers an innovative way to reinforce absorption and retention of knowledge.


DemGames for Debates--developed in partnership with NDI’s Citizen Participation and Latin American and Carribean (LAC) teams--provides users a fun way to practice the terms and concepts associated with crafting arguments, identifying evidence, justifying rebuttals, and creating concluding arguments. As a team-based out in DC, we lacked the ability to interact with our 18-24 year old politically-engaged end user in Guatemala. The geographical and monetary barrier meant we had to get creative with our user research and testing and employed a Design Sprint-- a methodology for rapid prototyping to develop an early version of the game. Of the 60 boot camp participants the game was introduced to,  55 participants interacted with the game and continue to re-engage by logging on and checking for new content.  Of these recurring game users, an average of 35 game users returns to the DemGames experience week/week enforcing the utility of using a platform like DemGames to learn or relearn the content.